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2Publish : Becoming a Contributor

Do you have a passionate interest in a subject? Subscribe to our 2Publish Service to share your experiences and stories!

Through an annual Contributor subscription you have full Member benefits including...

  • access to the Multimedia Library: Downloads like MP3s, E-Books, and Documents
  • commenting and contact: be part of the community.
  • access Inspire! and other digital publications from GreatGuides.Org.

and the additional benefits...

  • have your own profile pages on GreatGuides.Org,
  • be listed in our community of Contributors,
  • are able to publish ebooks, PDFs, audio, photos and videos on your subject,
  • receive an income from every download based on a shared-revenue model,
  • run your own GreatGuides.Org blog, and
  • receive our monthly newsletter Publish! to help you succeed in online publishing.

Simply tick the 2Publish box on the membership form. Once subscribed, we will email you further instructions! If you are already a Member, login first.

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2PUBLISH In Detail

2Publish is open to any private individual (not businesses).

Once you subscribe you automatically become a Member of GreatGuides.Org and can download content from the site. We will immediately send you details of how to create a profile for your page.

Choose a subject about which you are passionate, and upon which you have genuine expertise; you need to be able to communicate this with skill. You can choose a subject already covered on the site, but it is better to choose a new angle.

Once you have created your profile your page will be listed under 'Our Contributors'.

2Publish offers you access to Production and Publishing Guides on how to publish ebooks, PDFs, audio, photos and videos on your subject. We will also send you our monthly 'Publish!' newsletter on how to publish well. You do not need previous experience or technical know-how to publish on GreatGuides.Org, but we do expect you to ensure anything you publish is of high quality.

Anything you upload must be relevant to your subject.

Your subscription to this service lasts for one year. If you do not renew your subscription your page will be hidden, and periodically hidden data will be deleted.

Income: the site’s net income is shared among Great Guides and Contributors. You will earn when Members download your content.

Through the 'comments' boxes Members will be able to contact you, give you feedback, or discuss your content and blog posts. You can choose whether to publish their comments.