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PETER BAXTER : Guide, Author & Historian

meet Peter Baxter

African Field and Mountain Guide, Author and Amateur African Historian

Peter BaxterAlthough based in Oregon, USA, Peter was born in Kenya, grew up in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and continues to leads tours in Africa.

His specialties include the high mountains of Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, the Rwenzoris - as well as other highland wilderness habitats.

Having turned fifty recently, Peter is tending to concentrate on guiding older climbers up these iconic mountains.

Peter is also an author and writer on African imperial and military history, and varies his trips between African wildlife, mountains, birding, cultural/heritage and battlefield.

He is currently involved in the effort to open up and preserve key military and battlefield sites in East Africa that pertain to the East Africa Campaign of WWI.

Peter's published books Include:

  • Rhodesia:  Last Outpost of the British Empire
  • A History of the Rhodesia Regiment
  • Selous Scouts: Counter Insurgency Specialists (Abridged and Complete)
  • France in Centrafrique, From Operation Barracuda to the Days of Eufor
  • Mau Mau: Kenya Emergency 1952-1960
  • SAAF in the Border War
Peter is available for general and specialist touring in Africa, organizing tours across east and southern Africa from his home in Oregon USA

Author: Peter Baxter
Published Date: 02 Mar 2012
Location: North America, East Africa, Southern Africa | Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique
Themes: the past, travel