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SARAH TUCKER : Have Teenager Will Travel

meet Sarah Tucker

Sarah Tucker is a travel journalist, author and broadcaster.  Her books have included 'have baby will travel' and 'have toddler will travel' and the latest 'have teenager will travel'.

I am passionate about life. I wouldn't say it is simply to do with travel, but I am extremely curious, fascinated, and like to hit the ground running. I don't want to merely observe what is around me, I want to absorb it.

Life is all about pace, the quick quick slow of a dance that we always want to finish not realizing its abut the dance and not the applause (or lack of them) at the end; and I've always lived my life and most of my travels to the salsa, preferring it to a waltz which I seem to do every time I take public transport.
Sarah Tucker, a traveler not a tourist

The best way to start any journey is to hit the ground running to completely blow the cobwebs of the daily grind from life and take you completely out of your comfort zone: and I want to return from my travels full of inspiration.


Physically, emotionally and mentally energized and full on, active holidays have always done it for me - beach and some cultural city breaks have a worse soporific effect on me than listening to politicians on PM's question time.

Nearly ten years ago, I was asked to follow in the footsteps of the goldrush stampeders from Skagway, Alaska, to Dawson City. Tens of thousands came from all over the world in search of wealth, some of whom really needed it, others of whom just wanted more.

Active holidays energize

They built boats on rivers, where the white waters are some of the roughest in the world. They climbed trails that even now, almost as a rite of passage adventure, Canadian fathers trek with their sons to pitch them against the wilderness. Many died en route, and those who arrived, arrived too late for the gold, but they had discovered a taste for adventure, a challenging journey and something that pushed them to the edge - and some of them literally over.

I kayaked as they did through lakes with towering icebergs that cracked as we passed, helicoptered over canyons piloted by men who would usually drop fire retardant on the immense forests of the Yukon; met men and women who'd fought and lived with the grizzlies and danced traditional dances with the first nation.

I was told by the locals that I would have a son who was a long time in the coming but would be as active and inquisitive as his mother. I am taking my 13 year old there again this year to do as the Canadian fathers did. Hopefully we'll both survive. The alternative was to take a cruise which took three days. As a passenger I would probably have seen little beyond the shops visited by the ship guides, touched scant culture beyond what had been packaged for the masses and absorbed nothing of the palaces we visited. That's the difference between a tourist and a traveller, the passive and the active.

Sarah’s novels include: The Last Year of Being Single, The Playground Mafia, The Control Freak Chronicles and The Younger Man.

She has written two travel books - HAVE BABY WILL TRAVEL and HAVE TODDLER WILL TRAVEL, and currently completing HAVE TEENAGER WILL TRAVEL which is also due to be televised next year.

Her radio work has included the Travel programme and the Storytellers series for Jazz FM (UK).

Sarah's websites are and

Author: Sarah Tucker
Published Date: 29 Apr 2012
Location: Worldwide
Themes: travel | inspiring