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SIMRIC YARROW : Poetry and Stories for Kids

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Simric has created an outstanding collection of stories for teaching letters to children.  See his multimedia library for the audio and ebook versions of these, plus a teacher's guide and sample drawings.

Simric Yarrow - South Africa [2007 ©]
Simric uses creativity and storytelling in his work as a teacher

Simric is a gifted poet, writer and actor who tells educational stories for children. Originally from Norwich, UK, and educated at Oxford Unversity, Simric settled in Cape Town and taught at the Michael Oak Waldorf School. The 'Steiner' (Waldorf) system of education aims to nurture children's natural curiosity and character.

Simric writes his own educational stories and poems to help parents and teachers communicate concepts in a creative way. He is a brilliant storyteller and I remember watching him tell a story that kept a group of people, aged 3 to 65, riveted for 40 minutes. Unlike so much children's entertainment, Simric's stories weave understanding and values into exotic tales. We use his stories to teach our kids letters, fractions and science; it is not only fun, it is a time-honoured approach that is educationally powerful yet largely neglected in western education.

Simric Yarrow - South Africa [2009 ©] - Simric Yarrow - Poetry And Stories For Kids - Great Guides

Simric and his family in their 'cob' house in Muizenberg

Simric lives in a 'cob' house in Muizenberg, Cape Town, which he built with his young family and a host of friends. This home expresses his creativity, his commitment to community and his love of both the natural world and imagination.  He hosts drama workshops and poetry evenings, corporate poetry and drama exercises and alternative tours of Cape Town!

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Published Date: 02 Feb 2010
Location: Worldwide, Southern Africa
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