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Roddy Bray created the GreatGuides.Org initiative, expressing his love for Africa and the passionate people working in conservation and social development.

Camps Bay - Camps Bay, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa [2002 © Roddy ]
The Twelve Apostles, above Camps Bay in Cape Town

Originally from the UK, I spent a 'gap year' in a Cape Town township in the late 1980s. A state of emergency was in force, trying to quash the 'ungovernable' black majority clamouring for change. I was soon caught up in the revolutionary spirit in South Africa, and at the same time bewitched by the beauty of Cape Town.

One year turned into twenty and I saw the fall of apartheid and the rise of Nelson Mandela to the Presidency. I watched the country embrace reconciliation as 'the rainbow nation', hammer out a radically liberal constitution, and face its demons in the Truth Commission. I have lived through the dramatic transition that has occurred, with its ‘miracles’ and failures.

Mandela - Robbben Island, South Africa [2012 ©] - Roddy Bray - Great Guides
Nelson Mandela on his release, with my friend, Mayor Gordon Oliver


In the mid-90s I wrote a Masters thesis in Anthropology that studied the political transition and its effect on NGOs, and this helped me become established as a specialist tour guide for groups wanting to understand the country in greater depth. My work in tourism developed and I started my own company in 2000 that continues to offer private tailored-made tours in East and southern Africa.

I have worked extensively in very poor urban townships, like Khayelitsha, promoting not-for-profit initiatives. I also re-established and managed the work of the WorldTeach programme in South Africa, running winter-school programmes in Masiphumelele and placing volunteers in schools as teachers.


South African flags - Castle, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa [2002 © Roddy ] - Roddy Bray - Great Guides I am very grateful for my experiences in South Africa. It is a beautiful and rich country, that must constantly grapple with its intense history. It is the world’s workshop, capable of glory and disaster, facing difficult challenges in every respect. I have learned much here.
Flags over Cape Town Castle represent the history of South Africa


The variety of my experiences in South Africa gave me a wonderful network among inspiring people and insight into the country.  Out of this emerged the 'GreatGuides' website. I trust that you will benefit from my recordings and other media, which reflect my passion: to learn, and to share that knowledge.

Author: Roddy Bray
Published Date: 02 Feb 2010
Location: Southern Africa | South Africa
Themes: the past, travel, society | travel writer, lecturer


I downloaded your “History of South Africa” and a tour of the wine lands some time ago and it was absolutely stunning.  Well done.   Albert Gerber, South Africa

Allan Alais Meingarana on 29 Jul 2014

This is an excellent site!!!! Great move Roddy!!!!

Mark Geraghty on 16 Jan 2015

Hi Roddy
Please can you send me a rate sheet for the Historical  tours you have in Cape Town /South Africa .I live in Vic Falls and do historical guiding and often get requests for other historical experiences in Southern Africa and would like tom pass them on
Best regards