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GAVIN FORD : The Okavango

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[ZZZ_Photo02-240]Gavin Ford is a highly respected safari guide who has worked in almost every country south of the Sahara.

Gavin Ford | Okavango Delta - Okavango, Botswana [2002 © Roddy Bray ]

Gavin Ford - Zimbabwe [2012 ©] - Gavin Ford - The Okavango - Great GuidesGavin Ford is a highly respected safari guide who has worked in almost every country south of the Sahara. He shared the 2002 Conde Naste "Best Guideā€ award.

When you meet him it is easy to see why he is so successful. A lifetime of guiding has given him a wealth of knowledge and wonderful stories, but unlike some 'top guides' Gavin still sparkles with a boyish enthusiasm for nature; his passion for 'the bush' is as strong today as it was when he grew up exploring the valleys of Rhodesia.

The first phase of Gavin's career saw him establish canoe safaris downstream of Victoria Falls, through the wild and remote sections of the Lower Zambezi around Mana Pools. Encounters with hippos and elephants were frequent.

For eight years Gavin worked in the Okavango Delta of northern Botswana. He led canoe safaris, mobile tented trips and trained many guides (many of whom are now top guides). He also became known for his award winning photographs.

His reputation well established, he was asked to lead private safaris, and he now runs his own company, Africa Inscribed, based in Johannesburg, and guides throughout sub-saharan Africa. With a great sense of humour, endless enthusiasm, and an encyclopaedicknowledge of birds, flora and fauna it is easy to see why Gavin is such a popular guide, both with his clients and his colleagues.

Gavin Ford | migration - serengeti, Tanzania [2009 ©] - Gavin Ford - The Okavango - Great Guides
Migration in the Mara


Author: Roddy Bray
Published Date: 01 Apr 2010
Location: Southern Africa | Botswana
Themes: natural world, travel | conservation, parks and trails, safari guide