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ALAN WEYER : Eastern Cape Frontier Wars

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Alan brings alive the dramatic history of the eastern Cape

Alan Weyer - South Africa [2010 ©]
Alan brings alive the dramatic history of the eastern Cape

When I began to plan Great Guides, a name at the top of my wish list was Alan Weyer.  Alan is arguably the best known history guide in South Africa.  The country's inaugural 'Welcome Awards' in 2005 selected him as the overall winner, ahead of other guides, world-class lodges and attractions. 

The military history of South Africa is best known for the Anglo-Zulu and Anglo-Boer wars.  Alan, however, has put on the map the Frontier Wars of the Eastern Cape, which he describes as 100 years of war with some outbreaks of peace. 

These were costly, hard fought conflicts, not least the battle of Grahamstown in 1819 when thousands of Xhosa warriors armed with assegais attacked the British garrison, and nearly won the day.  Their leader, Makhana, was imprisoned on Robben Island; 150 years later he would be followed by another Xhosa, Nelson Mandela, who was deeply influenced by the struggle against colonialism fought by his ancestors. 

Alan Weyer | Grahamstown - South Africa [2003 ©] - Alan Weyer - Eastern Cape Frontier Wars  - Great Guides

Alan weaves a complex period of South African history into a riveting story.  He draws together his detailed knowledge of the battles of the Eastern Cape with culture and politics to present an epic account, sometimes witty, always measured, that describes the 100 years of conflict that united the Xhosa nation against colonialism. He shows how pivotal these forgotten wars were to the emerging nation. 

For 100 years, the Xhosa, Afrikaner & British battled over the eastern Cape frontier  

Author: Roddy Bray
Published Date: 18 Jan 2010
Location: Southern Africa | South Africa
Themes: the past, travel | 1850 - 1945, tour guide