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PHILIP COSTANDIUS : The Cape Winelands

audio The Cape Winelands: The Jewel of South Africa [audio]

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Phillip Costandius is a leading winemaker in the Cape Winelands.

Philip Costandius - Winelands, South Africa [2009 ©]

Philip Costandius is a 'garagiste' winemaker, the founder of Solo Wines, and a well-known figure in the Cape wine industry who has served as the Chairman of the Cape Winemakers Guild. Respected for his knowledge and experience, he helps establish and develop wine farms and also enjoys sharing his experience with visitors to the Cape, giving them a 'behind the scenes' of winemaking and some of the eccentric characters in the industry.

Philip studied Oenology and Viticulture at Stellenbosch University and his on-going love of learning led to study tours of Europe, California and Australia. He is eminently qualified in all spheres of winery management, winemaking and viticulture. For much of his career Philip was cellar master at some the best known estates in the Stellenbosch region, including Delheim, Lourensford and Neethlingshof and always deeply involved in the Cape Winemakers Guild.

A vintage spent in the Côtes du Rhône in France, helped develop his affection for Rhône varieties and a determination to produce his own label. In 2008 he went out on his own and became a ‘garagiste’ winemaker, making limited quantities of Viognier, Merlot and Shiraz under his own label ‘Solo Wines’. High ratings by international critics soon followed.

Philip Costandius - Winelands, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa [2010 ©] - Philip Costandius - The Cape Winelands - Great Guides
As a 'garagiste' , Phillip created 'Solo Wines'

New found freedom allowed him two other pursuits that are close to his heart. Cape wines have developed rapidly since returning to the world stage in the early 1990s. New wine areas are developing, and new farms open regularly. In an expanding industry Philip works as a consultant, helping set up new farms, some in districts not previously used for winemaking, as well as helping established estates develop their products.

Philip Costandius - Winelands, South Africa [2010 ©] - Philip Costandius - The Cape Winelands - Great Guides

Philip has also enjoyed working as a personal tour guide for exclusive and special interest groups. His knowledge of winemaking, and his long experience at the very heart of the industry, gives Philip's guests an ‘insiders’ view, and a chance to enjoy the humour and insight that he brings to his tours.

Phillip loves to share his knowledge of what makes the Cape special

Philip’s first recording takes the listener on a journey through the Cape winelands and you will sense his love of the industry.

Author: Roddy Bray
Published Date: 04 Mar 2011
Location: Southern Africa | South Africa
Themes: travel | routes and cities