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CHRIS MEINTJES : Adventurous Travel

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Chris in his 'penguin suit' in the Antarctic


Chris Meintjies | penguin suit - Antarctica [2012 ©]
Chris in his 'penguin suit' in the Antarctic

'If you are looking for characters' said a friend, 'then you better contact Chris Meintjes...' The first time I met Chris I visited him at his home in Johannesburg; he was listening to opera, drinking red wine, and at the same time trying to control six excitable spaniels. On his walls are sepia images of heroic ancestors with bandoliers, eccentric collectibles and an abundance of pictures from his travels, including one of him in a dinner suit toasting penguins in the Antarctic.


Chris Meintjies | the borneo headhunter's cuckoo clock - South Africa [2010 ©] - Chris Meintjes - Adventurous Travel - Great Guides

Chris is a marketing consultant, a radio presenter, a well known travel journalist, and a tour leader. He has traveled to over 160 countries; traversed the Himalayas from Bhutan to Burma, followed the length of the silk road across China, visited Easter Island and the Galapagos, explored Madagascar, searched for Kamodo dragons in Indonesia and freshwater seals in Lake Baikal, and travelled in a handmade boat to Timbuktu. He has led numerous tours to Antarctica as well as in the Arctic and Greenland. He also regularly leads opera tours in Italy.

Chris published some of his memories in a top-selling book 'the Borneo Headhunters' Cuckoo Clock'. His forthcoming cookbook is entitled 'a Bachelor's Guide to Pulling Chicks in the Kitchen'. Chris studied to be an opera singer in London and he continues to write on opera. As Chris says, 'GFI (go for it).. the cup is half full, it always is'.

Chris's witty tales are the heart of his best selling books


Chris died in 2013.  We mourn his passing, but celebrate his life: a life lived with passion.  Roddy

Author: Roddy Bray
Published Date: 07 Apr 2010
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