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STEVE BOLNICK : Walking in Africa

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Walking in nature is a 'soul experience' for Steve

Steve Bolnick - South Africa [2009 ©]
Walking in nature is a 'soul experience' for Steve

Steve grew up in Zimbabwe in southern Africa. It is a varied country, rich in wildlife and Steve was raised, like so many Zimbabweans, exploring wild places. He became fascinated by plants and animals, particularly elephants. Steve was inspired by a generation of conservationists whose work in Rhodesia (as Zimbabwe was called) created some of the finest nature reserves in the world, including Mana Pools and Hwange. As a young man he began working as a guide and also helped fight poaching. 

Steve Bolnick - South Africa [2009 ©] - Steve Bolnick - Walking In Africa - Great Guides

Steve offers walking tours from Table Mountain to Mount Kenya

For Steve, the only way to really experience 'the bush' is to be on foot. He is passionate about walking safaris. Only by spending time, quietly moving through nature, do you become attuned to the wild environment of Africa. This is a ‘soul experience’, one that restores to us our fundamental connection with Africa, and he is nowhere happier than walking in the wild. 

Naturally, the serenity of the bush is sometimes shaken by the charge of an animal. As you listen to Steve’s recordings you will hear of some of his dramatic encounters with lion and elephant.

Author: Roddy Bray
Published Date: 02 Feb 2010
Location: Southern Africa, East Africa | South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia
Themes: natural world, travel | safari guide, parks and trails