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CHRIS FALLOWS : Great White Sharks

audio The Great White Shark: Nature of the Hunter [audio]

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Great Whites in False Bay leap out of the water to catch jumping seals

Chris Fallows | Shark Jumping - South Africa [2009 © Chris Fallows]
Great Whites in False Bay leap out of the water to catch jumping seals

Chris is a photographer and well known speaker on shark behaviour and conservation. Chris' love of the sea took him regularly to Seal Island, near Cape Town. Here he witnessed Great White sharks leaping out of the water to catch jumping seals.

He studied this amazing behaviour, but avoided publicity until finally he was persuaded to make the dramatic documentary 'Air Jaws', which was widely broadcast. He continues to feature on documentaries about sharks.

Chris is deeply committed to shark conservation. Imagine if lions were an endangered species? Chris has the same admiration for Great Whites. He understands Great Whites as the apex predator of the oceans; he respects equally the power of the hunter and the skill of the hunted to evade capture. Listen to his stories and you will experience the drama of what he sees when he takes guests to Seal Island.

Chris Fallows - False Bay, South Africa [2009 ©] - Chris Fallows - Great White Sharks - Great Guides

Chris Fallows has become a leading photographer, presenter and advocate in shark conservation

Author: Roddy Bray
Published Date: 02 Feb 2010
Location: Southern Africa | South Africa
Themes: natural world, travel | conservation, ocean, safari guide