SIMRIC YARROW : Poetry and Stories for Kids

ebook Alphabet Stories Ebook - A to Z

Original full-length "hero's journey" fairy tales, introducing the alphabet. Simric Yarrow has created a superb collection of 19 stories for children, which follow the alphabet from 'Angel A' to 'Zippy Zoomer, Xanadu and Xerxes'. We used these stories by Simric to teach our own children the alphabet (combined with drawing and our own poems based on the stories) when we were travelling in Africa for a year. They were a fantastic base for our kids, fuelling their imagination and giving them a love for language that has endured. These stories deserve to be used widely and Simric's talent celebrated. I cannot recommend them more highly. Roddy Bray P.S. Don't miss the audio version of these stories.

→ The stories written in epub format don't miss the audio version