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audio Conservation in Africa

Why are there 100,000 elephants on one side of the Chobe river and none on the other? Why are lion populations in sharp decline? As we cross the equator, and pass the abundant rainforests of Gabon, which are now under threat, we consider the history of conservation in Africa: the policy of creating conservation parks, but excluding local people, the debates over poaching, fencing and hunting, the fight to save species, and in particular the story of the rhino. We look at innovative policies of eco-tourism and community conservancies, including those of the Namibian government and the work of Wilderness Safaris to finance conservation through tourism and engage local communities. We look at the success of Botswana’s policies and the problems encountered in East Africa. We also explore the extraordinary transformation of the St Lucia Wetlands in South Africa and Gorongosa in Mozambique. Recorded live on the Silver Explorer.

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