Our Vision

Read GreatGuides.Org's guiding motivations for our work.

Three engines critical to positive social change and economic stability in Africa are responsible tourism, education and the media. The voices of inspirational Africans are typically absent in all three areas, yet their example and insight has the potential to shift perceptions, inform and create social and development opportunities:
  • Tourism: there is an increasing demand for local specialists and interest in innovative cultural, social and environmental projects, but many outstanding people and projects do not benefit from these opportunities because their work remains unknown beyond their local community.
  • Education: Very few multimedia resources exist generated by Africans and featuring Africans as role-models. Teachers are asking for insightful multi-media about Africa to inform learners with examples of cutting-edge conservation, eco-tourism and social innovation, and to inspire youth to pursue careers in these arenas, which often they would not have considered or known existed.
  • The Media: Media articles rarely feature African as role models or experts, nor celebrate the innovation, tenacity and achievements of people on the continent. Few remarkable people and places in Africa have the familiarity and technical know-how to publish online, nor access to a platform that specifically celebrates remarkable Africans. GreatGuides.Org provides this.
We are developing ‘bridges’ that connect inspirational local experts in Africa to global tourism, education and the media; publishing their own work in their own words, producing quality multi-media and reaching significant numbers of diverse people, globally.
GreatGuides.Org is growing and features more than fifty inspirational people and forty projects, across seven African countries, with expertise in conservation, culture, history and social development. The site provides an understanding of their work and its context, and celebrates their tenacity and values. It provides them with support to create and publish multi-media on the site, and contact and comment facilities to enable mutual learning and social, conservation and business opportunities.

Our vision is for the insight and example of these exceptional Africans to reach a diverse and significant audience of interactive users, to make the ‘bridges’ a reality. We welcome support to help us scale our vision to achieve a significant impact.